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Mushroom Medicinals


Rebecca has spent the last decade learning about the incredible healing power of medicinal and edible mushrooms and how to identify, locate and sustainably harvest them. She spends many hours each spring, summer and fall walking barefooted while connecting with the energy of the forest and finding beautiful specimens to take home to her kitchen. Here she processes them with love and care and turns some of them into tinctures. Currently, Rebecca sells Reishi, Turkey Tail and Chaga Tinctures (separately or in combination).

The mushrooms are harvested in their most prime, and are thinly sliced (for more surface area exposure) and dried in the sun….pores and flesh exposed.  Mushrooms are one source for vitamin D, and you can naturally multiply their levels by exposing them to sunlight. according to this article, this step makes the mushrooms 460 times more potent in Vitamin D then without sun. The tinctures are made with a dual extraction method, first decocting using Vermont spring water collected by Rebecca at a nearby natural spring, and then extracting with high quality alcohol. These two methods draw different medicinal properties from the mushrooms, increasing their potency and healing strength.

Finally, Rebecca uses VortexHealing – Divine Healing Energy to clear and optimize the tinctures for whomever is taking them. Tinctures can be purchased in 1, 2, or 4 ounce bottles.